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Leo Baxendale- Match of the week Shiver and Shake.

Shiver and Shake early 70's. The first few UPDATE were written by Leo Baxendale.

Thanks to Raven from comicsuk forum and Andy B.

AndyB wrote:
I really don't think that's right re Wiz Wars and the Mad Match. I could be wrong, but the lines in the Mad Match are too much like Mike Browns work.

Andy, you may well be right - and if so, I apologise, Peter, for you changing your blog. Thing is, I'd recalled L.B. himself, in his autobiography, mentioning 'Cops vs. Robbers' as an idea editor Bob Paynter came up with when commissioning him to draw an initial Match of the Week strip in 1972 for a comic which never materialised. Later, the strip was put into Shiver & Shake, of course.

Just checking the book, Leo does indeed mention 'Cops vs. Robbers' but it's ambiguous exactly what the topic was of that very first strip he did. The only one he clearly cites as his was the other strip he drew for the series featuring ghosts.

I haven't had an issue one to hand for many years, but Fleetway St. says that the Shiver & Shake issue one strip was Cowboys vs. Indians drawn by Mike Lacey and Cops v. Robbers in issue two was by Mike Brown.

So, surprisingly, the two strips by Leo were apparently held back - but what was the subject of the first Match strip drawn by LB?

Update 2!!!
The first 'Match of the Week' was 'Cowboys v Injuns' and was drawn by Mike Lacey. The second issue of Shiver and Shake (17/3/73) contained 'Cops v Robbers' by Baxendale and Leo's only other strip in the series was 'Ghosts v Humans' in issue dated 7th April. The 'Match of the Week' feature ran until 2nd Mar 1974 with the last. Refs XI v Spectators, also being the work of Mike Lacey who was , by far the most prolific artist used on the series.
from Kashgar

It just shows it is hard to tell the difference between these comic artists who draw very like Leo Baxendale.

Mostly drawn by Mike Lacey.

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