Friday, 20 June 2008

Shamus O'Doherty.Dandy artist for Big Beardie!

The Dandy comic 10th November 1956.

Peter Gray asked on another strand who the artist was who drew Big Beardie in the 1957 Dandy Book, the answer is an Irish artist with an extremely Irish name, Shamus O'Doherty.
Shamus began working for the Dandy in 1955 after being talent-spotted by Albert Barnes as an artist he thought showed promise. Sadly this early promise failed to flower into anything much more substantial but, even so, Albert Barnes stuck with is protege,in the shape of four strips, on and off for 16 years. Those strips being Big Beardie (1955-1956), Roger and his Lodgers (1960-1962), Butch and his Pooch (1967-1968) and Bodger the Bookworm (1968-1971). Like another Albert Barnes discovery Jimmy Hughes Shamus O'Doherty never worked for any other Thomson comic, or for any other comic publisher as far as I am aware.
Thank you Kashgar for the information.


Karen Browett said...

Hi, nice to see this work up. Seamus was my grandad, or 'pop' as he was known. Unfortunately most of his work was destroyed by a flood, and i have almost no record of it. I am an illustrator/comic artist as well and have always been really interested to see more of his work, and eventually put all I can find online, so if you have ANYTHING else he did I would really appreciate some scans!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, Seamus was my Dad and I am so delighted to see his work on-line. It keeps his memory and work alive. He could have brought his talent to the UK, and was indeed offered as such, but didn't want to leave Ireland as a newly-wed and made a decision not to pursue this career-move. He continued his work within the educational sector and the Department of Environment, instead, here in Ireland and also had a weekly strip in the Evening Press newspaper. This was enjoyed by many people for many years. Like my niece, Karen, I would also love to see any other work you can find by him online. Many thanks Orla -

Peter Gray said...

Glad to hear from you both..:)