Saturday, 14 June 2008

Bob Dewar who drew Sting..The Three Bears...

His last work he did for The Beano.

The Three Bears from The Beano comic.

His work is fresh and new looking even though he had this style in the 70's.

the zany ones he did in the 2 in 1 comic Beezer and Topper of the 90's.

Two zanys from The Beano annual.

This really is memorable..I'd say Bobs best work..loved looking over this as a kid...Great Biffo gag! Gross Fatty Bear joke...Beano 1988 annual.

One off character from The Beano annual 1988.

From Plug comic number 2 1977. Bob sure loved drawing rounded animals..lots of circles....also lots of bright colours.

The Beezers became Sting later on in The Beezer.he also starred in the Beezer and Topper comic in the 90's. Heres a cartoon drawing of the artist!

From the zany Beezer an Topper

Love the one offs he did in the 2 in 1 comic Beezer and Topper 1992...this joke works for adults as well as kids very funny.

He also drew Bimbo in Bimbo comic of the 60's....please could someone send a scan of a comic page so I can show it here thank you.

BIMBO CLUB pin BADGE -32mm -Bimbo drawn by Bob

ajsmith requested I do a post on Bob and what a good choice. Any comic hunour artist you like me to cover please leave a comment here or email me...

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