Saturday, 21 June 2008

Eric Roberts- Winker Watson and Dirty Dick Dandy artist

Eric Roberts comic work is a joy to read.

60's Dandy annual. Eric loved drawing monkeys!

first Beano annual 1940.

From the first Dandy Annual 1939, Also surprisingly there was a Podge in the first Beano annual 1940.

1966 Dandy annual.

Wee Black Scallywag 1957 Dandy annual.

1959 Dandy book.

Back cover of Dandy monster comic 1950.

Dandy Monster comic 1950

1957 Dandy book..Smudge later became Hy Jinks may of been reprints with a different name!

The last work before Eric retired due to bad health. The 1981 Dandy annual. Eric drew many puzzle pages for the Dandy Annual. Wonder if he created the puzzles as well.
His last published work of all was in the 1981 Dandy Book where he drew three comic features including 'Batty Books from Winker Watson's Library' and 'All the Nutty Neighbours who live up Korky's Street'. thanks Kashgar for info

A very creepy story...a very long story and you only got to see who they were at the end. The hooded men did some awful things to both teachers and students. They got arrested for there crime in the end.

Dandy 7th Feb 1970 this story about Winker hiding his younger brother also repeated in the 1982 Dandy comic which I read. Love these epic long stories that Eric did.

From Giggle comic 27th May 1967. Eric liked this look for a can see the same appearance in Winker Watson, Willie Whizzers Broom and Dirty Dick.

Its always fun seeing what the future could be like.often wrong.sometimes it does come true...

Eric drew quite a few strips in Knockout e.g. Sinbad Simms (anyone got an example of this so I can show it here thank you)...Even Billy Bunter. See here at Lews blog.,

Next blog post will show Eric Roberts comic poster drawings he did for the Annuals and comics. These are great fun to look at.


Unknown said...

Are you quite certain the back cover of that Dandy Monster Comic from 1950 is Roberts' work? While I wouldn't doubt that Roberts may have been able to draw in a tighter style than what he usually employed in his work for Thomson, this illustration seems to be more in the vein of someone like James Crighton.

Peter Gray said...

You are most likely right...Podge is a character by Eric so I just thought it was by him...