Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Bob Dewar who drew the 90's

Beezer annual 1999 great colour mix..

Great looking tree house Splodge has...Bob is great at the comic posters.

Great long story this is...leading to this great poster of where the jellymen live.

The Jellymen are back in The Beezer annual 1996. Great fun it is as well!

Dandy annual 1990. Its nice seeing old characters being brought back in a fun way. Thats what I like about The Beezer, Dandy and Topper annuals of the 90's.

From The Dandy annual 1991

Its a shame the Beezer annual isn't still gave comic artists a chance to draw something different to there usual characters.
Lots of!
I'm collecting these super annuals.


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Always loved Bob Dewar, but never knew his name until today. He did Sting for the Beezer and Emlyn the Gremlin for the Beano too... Is Splodge also from the 1999 Beezer? Been collecting those myself lately - the 2003 Beezer annual has some insane stuff, one in particular about Henry VIII that has to be seen to be believed!

Peter Gray said...

Yeah! they are good those later Beezer annuals..

I think it is the Beezer 1999..

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for linking me at your blog on Bob's work twoheadedboy!