Saturday, 7 June 2008

Original comic art to make you drool!!:)

Whoopee!! Reg Parlett mid 1970's

Looks like watercolour is used...appropiate considering the strip!! Michael Green .he also drew the gnomes later...and Weedy Willy in Oink.

Trevor Metcalfe's The Ozzies from Whizzer and chips 1988ish. With his signature.

shame they are not selling the first page as well

Reg Parlett Beastenders Buster 1988ish...You can see he used two pads to make up a whole page. Another part 2 withoput part 1!

Joker Whizzer and Chips cover 1988ish by Sid Burgon..great to see it painted and before the speech bubbles and Whizzer and chips logo are added...

Great balance in the frame layout. Snack-man from Whoopee!! 1983/84/85 Dave Mostyn

Images taken from Silveracre at ebay. A great way to see original comic art...I love seeing this and you can really appreciate the skill and control in there line. You can see the changes they made with the whitener...what was cut out and pasted on..sometimes the pencil lines.

What great things to own. I would love to see these in person close up.

See more at comicsuk forum
and in the book of The Beano 70 years..well worth buying
Beano Collector's Edition
comicsuk forum post...see more original comic art

from Lews blog...the book has some lovely original art for example Leo Baxendale and Dudley D Watkins. Its great DC Thomson are showing these sketches and original art for us to enjoy. What a great time to be a comic fan.
Lews blog

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