Thursday, 19 June 2008

Bob Dewar who drew Joe King in the Beano

Love the way Joe is pointing to Luke as he is talking about him...breaking the frame between the two.

Joe King from Beano annual 1999. In the Beano comic readers sent in there jokes for Joe King to say.

A great long story about The Beano bugs in the Beano annual 2001. Great fun all the many legs and arms!

The Numbskulls in the Beano annual 2001. You need to read the story across 2 pages..

Another Lumpy Gibbon from Plug number 11 1977. Love the surrealness of it.

Bob also drew Bimbo inside the Bimbo comic 60's early 70's.

Anyone know any info on Bob please let me know in the comments. When he started...whats his first comic work...other characters he drew in comics..etc..

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Anonymous said...

BOB here has successfully managed to come up trumps with material that has been seen a million times before------but he makes it look FRESH!