Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Cartoon time

The big t shirt flapping in the wind could also look like a melting lolly. I like balancing pictures with objects or colour.

Good for cards this one...very colourful and fun.

Drawn and completed three cartoons today... My Wife is working hard at the moment...didn't want her to think I was lazy...good motivation guilt..yours keeping a happy marriage..Peter

It did feel good drawing again...I don't know why I stop sometimes its like cartoon block (writers block)...(one sad thing is my Dad who died recently will never see these new cartoons...unless you can with a telescope from heaven...:)

These cartoons are to be on cards I'll be selling in the Autumn craft markets. 1 pound and 25p each. The res are low displayed here...I'll be printing them at a high res and mounted on proper coloured card with matching envelope.

To own a stall costs 25 pounds...so need to sell quite a few to make a profit. Also be giving out my business cards for cartoons on request.


tiptopgolfy said...

good to see some more cartoons again peter i thought i would never see them again. you should do someone drawing aa picutre and another person asking him what are youd drawing and the person drawing the picture saying my breath

Anonymous said...

good visual ideas, PETER...I know your sites/blogs take a lot of your time; it's a shame you never found time to do more of your own cartoons.


Peter Gray said...

I'll try and get the balance right...more cartoons from me........it does give me a lot of pleasure and maybe it will get me noticed. Yes I was pleased with the ideas...one of the cartoonists fear is has it been done before...I think these ideas are in the clear:)

Anonymous said...

PUT some of your finished cartoons on our site if you like, PETER......I will be adding more of my own stuff also at some point soon.


dennis the menace said...

should start up a blog ispyshhguy