Friday, 13 June 2008

The Contents page can be fun!

Leo Baxendales great fun contents page from The Dandy annual 1957. A police officer on the bus didn't work...better tell Boris London Mayor whose bringing in this idea for buses in London. Dinah mite in the contents page is drawn by Leo Baxendale in this annual. A character that is mostly forgotten today.

One of my favourites...Beano annual 1958. The best...drawn by Leo Baxendale.

1957 Beano annual.Great fun this one.

1958 The Dandy annual,teacher is in trouble. Make sure he sinks...gulp!:)

1959 The Dandy annual. Love Korky with the knife in his teeth as he climbs up. Roly-Poly Joes eating the candles:)

TV Comic 1969 annual just gave you the facts. A bit bland But at least colourful.

Today Beano comic has a contents page...its back in fashion.
Should it learn from the past in making the contents page more creative and fun...Just a thought.

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Captain Storm said...

Hi Peter,the Cap here.Yeah,the contents pages were often little gems in themselves-perhaps a whole new sub-genre within a sub-genre :-)Often in house artists or complete unknowns would sketch some of the main characters within.Fascinating if a little train spotting-ish!

The Cap.