Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Robert MacGillivray comic work..

A wonderful, truly original strip. Anybody who thinks that Doctor Who's police box is the ultimate in weird conveyances has obviously never seen this series!

- Phil Rushton

Returning to the amazing Mr. MacGillivray, here's the first episode of the very sinister 'Balloon of Doom' - surely one of the most disturbing children's stories ever to appear in a comic - or anywhere else for that matter!
...Brrrr!!! In my humble opinion that balloon exudes malevolence to a degree that makes Voldemort look like Harry Potter's kindly old uncle!

- Phil Rushton

Here to begin with, then, is the very first episode of the aforementioned 'Belle of the Ball' from 15th September 1979, showing how Belle Brown's ball first gained its amazing properties....Phil Rushton

Yet more MacGillivray weirdness - this time from the issue of Bunty dated September 19th, 1981: a kind of 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids!' in reverse'. No doubt it would have appealed to plenty of little girls who suffered from overly bossy mothers - especially if they also had an especial fondness for playing with dolls! Phil Rushton

See the whole stories at the comicsuk forum link..

Fairly certain the artist is Robert MacGillivray who did a great deal of work for both Thomson's and Fleetway. He was working for Thomson's as early as the 1930's eg 'The Tickler Twins in Wonderland' (Magic). One of his longest running strips was
'Lucky's Living Doll' in School Friend / June & School Friend. Kashgar

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