Tuesday, 26 October 2010

(Mitch) Roy Mitchell has died But lived life to the full..

Hi Peter

My name is Louise; I'm Roy Mitchell's daughter.

I came across your blog tonight and was so thrilled to see your 2008 entry about dad's War Cry job (his longest serving client of 30 years, as it happens!)

Anyway, I felt moved to let you know that sadly dad passed away five months ago.

He was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2007 and fought so bravely (and brightly) for three years. He was still working just a week before he passed away on Sunday 23rd May, making a grand total of 34 years in the cartooning business.

He lived his life to the full; 64 going on 24 - and as a friend said recently, he was quite unimaginable as an old man...

Thanks for making my heart happy with your wonderful blog.



Hi Peter

You're more than welcome to do that.

Let's continue to feel fortunate in having such amazing dads - some sadly don't have that privilege, eh?

All the very best - and keep blogging!

Lou x

We certainly had very talented artist Dads..and many fond memories..

See more info on Mitch at Bear Alley blog..


Paul Wilcox said...

My name is Paul Wilcox. I got Roy's cartoon academy course in 2001. I was already a cartoonist but the course helped me go professional . I spoke to him on the phone once about the course. I still have it and the diploma he sent me. It is hanging up in my studio.

I was so sad to hear he's not with us any more. Having gone through cancer my self (prostate) 2 years ago . Roy was an inspiration. I often go through the pages of the course to remind my self of the basics of cartooning something a cartoonist should never forget.

Rural Barry said...

I have a copy of Roy's "God is..." and realise these would make excellent posters for churches. Can you tll me who owns therights please?

Dave Playle said...

Dear Louise,
I have been a Christian Minister in Pentecostal Churches for over 50 years now. I am an amateur cartoonist and used my ability in that direction to create visual presentations until the advent of clipart and the data projector (laziness I suppose).

Today I was in PAD, a charity shop in Stalybridge and I found a copy of your dad's book 'God is...Theology for cats and other creatures', and bought it for the extortionate price of 50 pence! It is a brilliant work of cartoons, humor and accurate theology. I shall treasure it. I was so sorry to discover that he had passed away. I would love to have talked with him. He sounds a wonderful person, which I am sure he was. The copy I bought was signed by your dad inside to 'Ben and Abbey'. I see he dedicated the book to (among others) his friends at Holy Trinity Church Stalybridge. I live in Stalybridge and know Tom Parker the vicar. I am intrigued about the connection.
A couple of questions;
1. What was the Cartoon Academy Course mentioned by Paul Wilcox? Is it a correspondence course and is it still available?
2. I would love to know of any other books that Roy did on the cartoon/God theme and would like permission to use them in presentations, giving him the credit of course. What is the copyright issue?

I look forward to hearing your reply and would like to say that your dad really blessed me today. Rosemary, my wife of 57 years, has been in Tameside Hospital for 21 weeks with mental health problems and it has been a real struggle. I took the book in to show her and she really laughed. It made my day. Thank you. Can I buy more copies?

Rev Dave Playle, Stalybridge.

Dave Playle said...

Dear Peter,
So sorry, I mistakenly posted the above message, thinking it was a direct link to Louise, Roy Mitchell's daughter. Please accept my apologies. Do you know how I can get the message to her? I have made a note of Roy's other titles.

Thank you,
Rev Dave Playle