Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Half hour drawing see it develop..The Snowy Owl
See the first Half hour of my drawing at the link..Seeing John Stokes Marney the fox with a beautiful drawn owl inspired me to draw one myself..
I thought I would show the progress in short spots...As you can see I do draw quickly..

1 Hour
I've made the face wider and moved the leg more back to push it forward more..
The Owl in my photo does have longer wings then I've drawn But I feel in art you can emphasise what you feel is more important for me its the face..But every artist is different..

1 Hour and 1/2

I've adjusted the wing to make it longer and started on the other wing..still debating what kind of background to do and whether to do it in colour..I sure do love the yellow eyes Snowy Owls have..

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