Friday, 8 October 2010

My Poster cartoons when I was young..1986-87

These last two were inspired by a Beezer annual 1983..

I was born in you can work out the age I did these..:)
Was very inspired by early 1970's Beano comic annual covers which were painted loved the 1972..and when the best of Beezer came out with those amazing Banana Bunch poster pages by Leo Baxendale..also my Dad who did busy picture cartoon scenes..

This all lead to my creation The Giggle Gang..which I'll put up next time..


John Gilheany said...

Really like all the activity that's going on in them, particularly the 'parachuting' piece.

I was always a 'Fleetway' punter, so wouldn't recognize the Beezer influence but they remind me a bit of earlier Odhams annual covers (Pow!/Wham!/Smash!)

Peter Gray said...

It shows I had a talent even at that young age to draw..
I'll put some more up soon..of my Banana Bunch inspired poster page of The Giggle Gang..glad you liked it..