Saturday, 23 October 2010

The next Hour in two parts..Snowy Owl

I must admit it has been hard to show the workings of a drawing every half hour..
At this stage I've put masking fluid all round the Owl and quickly drawn in watercolour pencils the sunset sky and then added a wet brush..
As you can see the sunset was a bit faded and the trees weren't quite right..not dramatic enough,,

Next Half Hour I've done some more red yellow blue black penciling for the sky and it is looking better..the trees are now more in the background and faded..taken the masking fluid off which always rips the picture:( But I'll touch that up with drawing and shading in the next Half Hour also the Owl needs a wet brush next..
I also might make the top of the picture a bit darker..and add more yellow to the sky..

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