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The Dandy is back 100% Funny

From comicsuk forum heres who made The new Dandy..artists..writers.etc.
Hi all!

As a long-time silent lurker here, I thought I should finally contribute. I am Craig, and I am an editor of The Dandy. One of only four in 73 years, which makes me an incredibly lucky boy.

I'm glad you all seem to like the new direction. A lot of research, experience and plain hard work has gone into it since we kicked the project off, and its success as a comic is all down to its contributors, whether freelance or DCT-employed.

Some post here and some don't, some are long-standing Dandy contributors and others are entirely new to kids' comics - one thing unites them all: they have been heroic in their commitment to this project and I feel lucky to have been a part of it.

If you're interested, these are the contributors to issue 3508:

Nigel Parkinson - Harry Hill, The Phantom Pharter, Little Simon and chief Harry-knowing comics nut: His contribution has been incalculable - and should be applauded to the hills.
Jamie Smart - Desperate Dan, Pre-Skool Prime Minister, the Style Guide: Jamie's been a part of The Dandy for six years now, and when we came to set up the style guide, Jamie's name was first on our list. He was also author of a remarkable email to me which coincided, in emotion and timing, with the initial proposal for these changes.
Wayne Thompson - The Mighty Bork, Pepperoni Pig, Shao Lin Punks, Bananaman and Noel or No Noel: a remarkable artist and friend.
Lew Stringer - Postman Prat and Kid Cops: long-time champion of comics, artist and one of the first names on the list of new artists we hoped to get on board. Thanks for all the support, Lew.
Nigel Auchterlounie - The Bogies, Professor Dandy: great writer, artist and ideas man. Look out for much much more from Nigel in The Dandy. Also an early morning Sky TV superstar - cheers, Nige!
Duncan Scott - Simples!, Count Snotula and What's In Cheryl's Hair Today? - There really will be 101 meerkat episodes! Not so many of Cheryl's hair. Top guy and great artist.
David Mostyn - Dr. Doctor: Mr Mostyn is supremely talented as a children's book illustrator and also past Dandy artist. It's a huge pleasure to have him onboard again, and you can all look forward to some absolutely top-notch work from him in the near future.
Chris McGhie - iDad: Chris is very busy with things far more important than comics, but he always finds the time to help us out.
Alexander Matthews - Robot on the Run: Alexander is well-known in more grown-up cartooning circles, but new, I believe, to kids' comics. ROTR is, in fact, a serial (someone mentioned this earlier?), and it's a good 'un! Nice one, Alexander!
Andy Fanton - George vs. Dragon: a friend of Jamie's, recommended by him, and one of the first new artists we found for The Dandy. Doing more stuff as we speak.
Phil Corbett - Korky the Cat: Korky wasn't coming back until Phil and Chris (staff artist) combined their energies to fight his corner. Turns out it was good enough to make the cover, so what do I know?!
Garry Davies - TV Teaser: Great guy, simple idea, kids love it. What more do you want?

The following people work in the Dandy Office and their efforts have been unstinting, even when putting together Dandy Xtreme and working on this project:

Michelle, Ally, Katy, Mark and Chris.

Thanks to them all, and to you for reading.


I like the new Dandy it brings backa zaniness..silliness..and the artists all seem to really respond to this..a new freedom..

I liked Jamie's new strip Pre-Skool Prime Minister and Harry Hill best..
Also when he was young 'little' will be fun seeing new stars each week...another good thing the Dandy being weekly again..

Its a comic you want to keep and re-read..
Love the details in some of the strips which you can spot a second time..
All the other strips like Postman Prat..Robot on the loose..Kid Cops..the comic strips..Pepperoni Pig..Shao Lin Punks..Desperate Dan are the others I like..

Roll on next week..
Its better than The Beano now!!

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