Saturday, 25 September 2010

Topper late 50's..

Bill Holroyd (thanks to Kashgar for info) Topper July 5th 1958

To answer Gerald's comment on Peter's blog, 'Back to Zero' was actually a sequel to the 1957 serial 'In the Kingdom of Zero' which was reprinted in 1967. In this case Ken Hunter was the original artist. Thanks to - Phil Rushton

These two are from The Topper 22nd June 1957

Ken Hunter

The Topper 24th Jan 1959

Hi Peter,

The 'Wakey Wakey' feature was drawn by Jimmy Thompson a fine cartoonist/caricaturist.
Thanks Kashgar

The Topper July 5th 1958

Bill Holroyd's slapstick fun..this is 1958 when chimps were getting ready to be sent up into space for tests..
Ham the Chimp was the first..
He was purchased by the United States Air Force and brought to Holloman Air Force Base in 1959

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