Saturday, 11 September 2010

Whizzer and Chips raids!

Colin Whittock
29th September 1984
Here is what a raid is normally like..there is Sammy Shrink from the Chips part of Whizzer and chips comic..panel 6! A kind of Wheres Wally type game but covering lots of page hunting..

Raids can be more adventurous than this..sometimes pages were messed around..
Heres The Champ..

Jack Edward Oliver
3rd November 1979
Jack loved word play and would of loved was done again which I can't find when the title was changed to The Chump

Paul Ailey
29th Novemeber 1980
The week before Chips characters has made no less than 5 raids into Whizzer hiding in the story..

Whizzer and Chips 29th Nov 1980 The Greatest raid ever..has there been a better one than this one drawn by Terry Bave?

Chips seems to be the winner on raiding the other comic...I love this type of thing has it gets the reader involved..

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