Monday, 20 September 2010

Malcolm Judge's The Numskulls The Beezer 31st March 1962

This is a very early Numskulls probably the second one?

Its interesting the page layout of an upside down L surrounding Dudley D Watkin's Ginger. In 1962 Beezer there was a lot of pages with more than one character strip to give even better value for money. The problem with this layout is it seems to restrict the artist..the Head closeup is always shown to the right. Its also hard to vary the size of the panel.

Its funny seeing the Numskulls actually causing harm to the man on purpose!
Malcolm Judge also drew The Bad Lads for The Beezer.
Billy Whizz and Ball Boy for The Beano from the beginning to 1989 when he died.

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newtry_fuck said...

gosh! at least something! I could find only wiki-pages and no original stripes of these tiny cutes!)