Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Steve Bell's Whoopee's Dick Doobie Back to Front man.get your mirrors out folks!!.

I've been waiting a long time to see this..
so thanks klakadak-ploobadoof

The name of the strip was Dick Doobie the Back to Front Man. It ran in Whoopee from 22nd April, 1978 till 9th September, 1978, a total of 20 appearances except in issue dated 8th July, 1978. Below are some scans, including that of the first episode. Am I imagining things, or is there really some resemblance to Robert Crumb's work?

Quite a tricky thing to write let alone read with a mirror must of been hard for Steve to do..But a great quirky strip see two more..
Go to comicsuk forum to see more images of Steve Bell's comic work..

Cheeky comic 20th January 1979
Steve also did this great maze see two more at the link.
Thanks to Niblet
Hope you are using my blog list for the link to see his wonderful Cheeky comic blog..

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