Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Whizz-kid raid that could of spoilt a contest!

Whizzer and chips 13th June 1981.I'm sure this is a reprint from Cheeky..Jackpot?

The artist (who is the artist?) has a nice busy style love that robot at the start and what an intro it sure sets it up nicely..
What is funny or really bad is the Whizzer raid in the story..the Sweet Tooth statue in the last page. It almosts spoils the contest..wonder how many kids wrote in saying it was the Sweet Tooth statue that looked out of place!!

The answer is
the bear and those boots undernesth!!


Niblet said...

I can't tell you who the artist was or whether the story was a reprint, but I can say that it didn't appear in Cheeky Weekly.

John Gilheany said...

The strip wasn't in Jackpot either and the artist looks like the same guy who drew earlier Whizzer & Chips serials - used to sign himself as 'Majip' if I recall rightly.

Peter Gray said...

So looks like it wasn't a reprint after all..and actually started in Whizzer and Chips..
Jackpot comic did similar type observation story contests..
Thanks John and Niblet..

Captain Storm said...

The style reminds me of Casanovas who did a bit of work on StarLord and I believe 2000ad.


The Cap.