Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Text stories in comics- The Beano early 50's

Text stories used to be the norm in comics like The Beano. These are from 1950 and 1952.

Just a normal story of a bowler hatted ape carrying a prision door around with a bell on it and trying to capture the prisoners that escaped caused by him...How crazy But great imagination:)

invisible deer....

One nice thing about the text stories were the big picture up the top...
Still much prefer the picture strips...a picture of the action with words underneath or the use of speech bubbles from the characters.

end of story is later on this page...

Hi Peter, I've just come across the interesting mix of text pages you've posted and, as always, I'd imagine you wouldn't mind a few artist identifications.

Ting-a-Ling Bill - Really interesting this one as this heading block isn't by the artist who usually did the heading blocks for this story but by an artist who isn't associated with drawing for the Beano at all, Pete Sutherland. He would be nearing the end of his tenure as a Thomson staff artist when he drew this filler illustration but he would return ten years later, after working mostly for the AP, to become a regular freelance artist working in the Thomson boys picture papers with his work on Alf Tupper - the Tough of the Track in the Victor being of particular note.

Sammy's Super Rubber - Allan Morley of course.

Simple Simon - George Drysdale

Maxy's Taxi - also George Drysdale

The Boy on the Flying Trapeze - James Clark

Kat and Kanary - Charles Grigg

The Wicked Wilsons - James 'Peem' Walker

The Nippers - Richard Cox.
Thank you Kashgar

Its amazing Kashgar even knows the artist that drew the headers for the stories. Kashgar has done many indexes for comics listing much details e.g The Beano indexes.
Book Palace and ebay sometimes has these indexes and well worth getting.....must get one myself.

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