Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Roger Hargreaves- Little Miss Sunshine early version

From this book has the working of an early version of Little Miss Sunshine- Mr Happy's day out. This is 1975 the story. Little Misses books came out in 1981.

You can tell the drawings are not by Roger has the dog is very basic and comes from a drawing game...i.e a stickman is chased by bees...jumps into a pond(makng the nose and whiskers) then the stickman has two eggs and two sausages (the eyes and ears of the dog)
So the artist draws very simply.

Quite a 1970's baker man...very hippyish:)

In this story Mr Happy goes to different people to solve there problems making them happy.
Get your Little Miss Sunshine book out and compare the two.
Little Miss Sunshine meets the King rather than the Mayor is one difference.
The names of the places are Glumland which changes to Smile-ville in the gift book.
Little Miss Sunshine 1981 version is in miseryland and it changes to Laughterland.
Also the sign with the list of things people had to do is used in each story.

Its nice seeing the development of a story over many years.


Matthew said...

What do you think of the new series, Peter? Although I haven't seen an episode, I played some of the games on the official website and thought some of the new characters were more like Viz characters than Mr Men! Mr Rude especially. Imagine fart jokes on children's tv in the 70s!

Peter Gray said...

I recorded quite a few...But in the end it didn't quite work for me...

Changing the Mr Men into different names...houses and clothes wasn't my cup of tea.

Why not keep the same Mr and Little Misses from the books they are already retro as it is...with the groovy 70's