Sunday, 13 July 2008

Dudley D Watkins, A.Morley and Dave Jenner!

The Beano 6th May 1967

Only Dudley D Watkins (Lord Snooty) and Alan Morley-A.M (The Magic Lollypops) could sign there work in The Beano this stayed like this until the year 2000. So it was quite funny to see Daves signature bold and brash in full for Punch and Jimmy. Did he sneak it in...the Beano editor was pleased with the artist that week?
A bit of a mystery!!!
Makes you smile!


Lew Stringer said...

A good find Peter! That's one for the history books to consider. Do you know if Dave Jenner signed his pages for other weeks around that time?

Peter Gray said...

Only found that one...saw it today while reading some old Beanos.

Will put up one day the time Steve Bright sneaked in a signature in Hoot comic. Well he did draw most of the comic for the special Panto issue.