Saturday, 5 July 2008

Cartoon time the request is done! Dragons and Castles

Spy asked me for a dragon,,,knights...castles theme cartoon. The Dragon kissing one is not new...But is now spruced up. The Bouncy castle one I had drawn a while back But hadn't finished glad it is done and ready to be sold as a card.

I made 70 pounds last month on my cards. 1 pound 25p each so this has been a big success. Already this Month made 12 pounds. Please email me if you want to buy some cards from me. 5 pounds for 4 cards...10 pounds for 8 cards. Very cheap! But different to anything you'll see in the shops. Clever humour!
Let me know which ones you want. Use the label on the blog- cartoon time to see them all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NICE WORK as usual, PETER!

smouldering stuff from the 2 dragons, also a good gag involving the bouncy castle.......70 quid over a month is a nice little sideline.......financially, much better than I am doing!

------the last stuff I sold were TATTOO designs about 3 years ago------ironically, one was of a dragon.

I am chuffed that a bloke is walking around with one of my drawings on his back.....

I also did some 'OOR WULLIE' tattoo designs anf football ones were fairly popular-------my designs are on display in an EDINBURGH tatoo shop, though I have yet to visit the shop......cheers, ISPYSHHH GUY---------mission well accomplished, PETER!