Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ken Hunters -comic adventures...Jellymen, Iron Eater and G for Giant

The Jellymen the stuff of nightmares...
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Info on Jellymen in Beezer as follows -
Series 1 Nos 212 (6/2/60) - 244 (17/9/60)
Series 2 Doctor Q and the Jellymen Nos 457 (17/10/64) - 501 (21/8/65)
Reprint of series 1 Nos 761 (15/8/70) - 793 (27/3/71)
The main hero in the Jellymen series was Prof 'Potassium' Roberts and he also turned up in 'The Year of Bedlam' Nos 270 (18/3/61) - 302 (28/10/61)
while the villain of the second series Doctor Q also made a belated reappearance in The Fearless Flints Nos 1466 (18/2/84) - 1497 (22/9/84) a strip also drawn by Ken Hunter.
provided by Beezer editor at the time Bill Swinton who sadly died earlier this year.

In Topper of the 60's 'Big X the Bluffer from Planet E' with artwork by Ken Hunter who also provided the art for 'The Shocker'

In the Beano The Prince on the Flying Horse In four series (1938-1952), two in the text format and two adventure strip and with a few editorial name changes along the way, Beano readers followed the saga of Prince Dermod of Runa and his flying horse Silverwing. Artwork in turn by James 'Peem' Walker, Jack Glass and Ken Hunter.

from Kashgar thanks

Ken Hunter also drew in The Beezer the Iron Eater-

From philcom55

From the Beano-
from The Beano 1962...colour centre pages before the Bash Street kids won this place. Great fun seeing small animals so huge...even scarier when a Tiger is made bigger!! Ken is great at the title mixes in with the story in fun ways.

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Good to see all this great artwork. Ken recently died (20/10/08). He loved his work and so did we!