Monday, 21 July 2008

Reg Parlett- Bewitched Belinda

The fathers absence is explained..
Started in Whizzer and Chips 17th Nov 1979.
A lovely fun strip.
Its nice how she rhymes the spell she says. Also the twitching of the nose...winks..tweaking ear while saying it. The stip is of course based on the American tv sitcom Bewitched.

Its nice how the next episodes follow on...

Every character is different...clear..interesting and fun. The backgrounds are siimple But effective. Every panel is different and arranged. Has someone has said at comicsuk the picture is not static ever.

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Chris Tolworthy said...

Nobody seems to have posted. I just want it on the record that Bewitched Belinda is one of the most perfect comics ever. as you say, everything about it is right. I also want to point out that it covered serious topics (in a light hearted way) like her mother's struggle for work, sexism, bullying, interpersonal relations, and lots of good stuff. I don't suppose the complete set will ever be published, but if it was I'd buy it in a shot.