Thursday, 24 July 2008

Bill Ritchie- Is great at the fun cartoon poster crowd!

These are just so great...Classics from the comics must show these!Thanks Spy for these great images.

Just a wonderful Christmas cover....nice use of shapes balancing the picture...going inside and outside of the could stare at this for ages...
Its difficult to not be cluttered or run out of gags...But these show Bill had no problem. I love the cartoon crowd scene...

Other crowd scenes Bill drew-
Kashgar ... he did in the New Hotspur titled 'The Cat Street Kids'.
Other strips he did in this format were The Moonsters and Spadger and his Pals in Sparky and Rover & Wizard respectively.

Just to clarify. 'The Cat Street Kids' first appeared in New Hotspur No 37 (2/7/60) and the episode in which Bill Ritchie drew himself in his studio, surrounded by the kids, was published in issue No 88 (24/6/61).


Matthew said...

I've become interested in Bill Ritchie's work in recent years and love the crazy elegance about his drawings. Often they don't make sense if you consider the characters' proportions (arms often too long for example) but he made it all work somehow. Loose, free-wheeling and fun to look at.

Someone told me a few years ago that they'd met Bill Ritchie once and that he turned out to be a top bloke and very humble when talking about his work.

Looking at his crowd scenes makes me wonder if there are sketch books somewhere packed with his visual gag ideas in rough form.

I've got the '67 and '69 Sparky books here if you'd like more Moonster scans (bet you've got 'em already though!).

I'll be back to examine these in detail. Thanks!

Peter Gray said...

Glad you like them...
love to meet Bill myself and shake his hand...what a great body of fun comic work. Thank you!

Captain Storm said...

Nice to see Sparky showcased.Any chance of an expose on Some Mummies Do 'Ave 'Em?I loved that strip as a kid!

The Cap.

Peter Gray said...

If you tell me who drew it...I'll do a post on Some Mummies do ave em..