Friday, 28 March 2008

I-Spy by Brian Walker Sparky 1972 onwards

Brian Walker is a favourite artist of mine (I've done a website about him). Loved his Scream Inn in Whoopee and Shiver and Shake and Mike's Bike in Buster and Jackpot.

On the website I didn't include I-Spy has his style is close to Les Barton and didn't realise he drew this! So heres Brian Walkers I-Spy.
Another strip I missed can be found here on the blog
Wizard Anongmous- Brian Walker
Thanks to ISPYSHHHGUY (what a domain name)for so much information...
I'm learning new things in comics daily.

Brians work is wonderfully detailed and a super penmanship. Lots of crosshatching. As a guess I can see Brian being an artist as well. Hes great at drawing the human figure.


Anonymous said...

I have all of these as well, PETER; in all honesty, I was a bit disappointed with the second version of 'I SPY' back in late 1970: but I appreciate BRIAN WALKER'S work a lot more now.....his use of ink washes make for great atmosphere......towards the end of '71, the strip went into full-colour, and I SPY once again reverted to his original .solid black' form.

I think you are familiar with the 1973 'SPARKY' annual, and the 'I SPY' story in this annual 'HOTEL SPLENDIDE' features some beautifully-painted artwork, quite different from the 'BEN DAY' dots technique used in the actual comic.

P.S, ----if you have these 'doubles' from 1971, I am seeking; 'SPARKY' JAN. 30, MAR 6, and JUNE 19.----I have stated dates only, due to the muck-up in 1971's a real nuisance!

Anonymous said...

P.S. ----it's ME again....['ISPYSHHHGUY'].

Peter Gray said...

I now do have duplicates mostly October November December September and very early Jan 11 issues in all so sadly can't help you..Doh! glad your liking Brian Walker a bit more...