Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Classics from the comics who are the artists?

At comicsuk forum we've been trying to work out the artists for each strip...which would be nice to have in the contents page of Classics which you see above.....or even a mention of one of the artists in the welcome Hi readers from the editor section.

As you can see we got most of them.thanks to Andy B mostly...

Classics number 143-
page 3 Billy Whizz Beano - Malcolm Judge
Page 4 Dirty Dick Dandy - Eric Roberts
page 5 Dennis the Menace Beano - Davy Law
page 6-7 Puss and Boots Sparky - John Geering
page 8 Pop Dick and Harry Beezer - Tom Ballantine
p.9 The 3 bears Beano - Bob McGrath
p.10 Micky the Mouth Dandy - Dave Mostyn
11. Bash Street kids Beano - Early David Sutherland
12. Harum Scarum Topper - Gordon Bell
13. Ball Boy Beano - Malcolm Judge
14.15 The Bushwacker Beezer - unknown
16 The Mctickles Beano - Vic Neill
17- Big Head and Thick Head Dandy - Ken Reid (who else!)
18-19 Scoopy Nutty - Gordon Bell
20 Ghastly Manor Topper - Murray Ball
21 Banana Bunch Beezer (looks like a ghost artist) - may be early Bill Hill
22-23 The Nutters Cracker - John Geering
24 Spoofer Sparky - Gordon Bell
25 Dinah Mo Dandy - Steve Bright, I do believe!
26. Bully Beef and Chips Dandy - Jimmy Hughes
27. Billy Whizz Beano - Malcolm Judge
28. Richard the lion Beano - David Gudgeon
29-30 School Belles (looks like a ghost artist) Nutty - dunno, but it's not Evi De Bono
31 Pup parade Beano - Gordon Bell
32-33 Desperate Dan Dandy - Ken H. Harrison
34 Colonel Blink (Beezer) - Tom Bannister
35 Tom Dick and Sally (Beano) - Bob Nixon
36-37 Twits of the Ritz (Buzz) - Bill Ritchie
38 Harry and his Hippo - dunno
39 Sparky People - Jim Petrie
40-41 Minnie the Minx - Jim Petrie
42 Smasher - Dave Gudgeon
43 Young Sid - George Martin
44 Wee Ben Nevis - Vic Neill
45 Dinah Mo - Ron Spencer
46-47 Red Rory - Paddy Brennan
48 Colonel Blink - Tom Bannister
49 Nobby - Bob McGrath
50-51 Astro Nuts - dunno
52 Billy Whizz - Malcolm Judge
53 Mickey the Monkey - Vic Neill
54-55 L Cars - Bill Hill
56-57 Bash Street Kids - Dave Sutherland
58 Bully Beef and Chips - Jimmy Hughes
59 Biffo - Dudley Watkins
60-61 Bananaman - John Geering
62 Tiny - believe it or not, John Sherwood
63 Little Plum - Leo Baxendale (I am sure this is later Ron Spenser...Peter Gray)
64-65 Desperate Dan - Ken Harrison
66 Screwy Driver - Bill Holroyd
67 Korky - Charlie Grigg
68 Biffo - Dudley Watkins

What was fun was some of the ghost artists who drew when the artist is on holiday or unwell........who drew Harry and his hippo? its not Ken H Harrison the normal artist...

Also Dinah Mo ghosted by Steve Bright...
With Commando listing artists and The Beano lets hope Classics will as well.or at least mention artists in the welcome page.....
Classics is Classic!!

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