Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Adverts in newspapers need to be drawn more

I went throught the Sunday Mail and found the adverts so boring...a bit like this one..

A lot of adverts in newpapers or in banks for example rely too much on the photo of an object...or objects...
But what did stand out for me...was the drawn adverts like these 2 below...the only ones I could find in the Sunday Mail.

My Dad was a graphic designer and drew many adverts and lettered them himself...no computers in those days...he was able to draw in many styles. It made the adverts look good and looked like there was some effort put into them. There are so many illustrators out there who are good...lets bring back drawn adverts.....people would notice them...and maybe even put them on there wall...

'The illustrations I produce are mainly cartoons. I am able to produce these as you require.
Tailoring my cartoons to give maximum impact I have proof of a good number of satisfied clients including the NHS and private companies.'

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Peter Gray

Chatted in a forum about this

artists drew super magazine covers like Norman Rockwell in the 30's..40's.. 50's

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