Saturday, 29 March 2008

Creepy Creations by Ken Reid 1-30 UPDATE!


Thank to John Gilheany for the scan The first one.


thanks to PHILIP MASON for number 4 spruced up by Mike Foxx

thanks to PHILIP MASON for number 5

thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON


Heres an odd one.its not drawn by Ken Reid!! thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON


thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON

17 thanks to Bruce

thanks to PHILIP MASON


thanks to PHILIP MASON

thanks to PHILIP MASON




thanks to PHILIP MASON



thanks to Mike Foxx for a better version.. I love this one..smashing through the greenhouse!!


Creepy Creations 1-30

I bet the newsagent got a shock if they put the comic up the wrong way round!

These scary creations were on the back cover of Shiver and Shake 1973-74. Who as a kid would dare to have these on your wall staring at you at night...America had the Garbage patch kids horror we had these....a very warped Dr Seus artist Ken Reid. (Ken drew Roger the Dodger, Jonah for The Beano in the 50's...Faceache for Buster 1970-80 and many more)

It would be nice to show all of them here. If anyone wants to help please send a JPEG or Zip scan to

Remember don't have nightmares!!
I did two websites about Ken Reid here-
copyright belongs to IPC

Thanks Paul for lots of Creepy Creations
from cobwebbedroom blog

Thanks to PHILIP MASON for so many scans..


Anonymous said...

THESE are absolutely BRILLIANT!!----hopefully, the entire series can be put up here;---if anyone reading this can add more, PLEASE DO SO!!!-----ISPYSHHHGUY.

Lew Stringer said...

I don't think No.14 is by Ken.

They were great images. I'm sure no kids would be scared by them. We were made of stronger stuff back then. ;-)

Horror was the "in thing" in the early Seventies and even Marvel comics featured Satanism regularly with no fear of censorship.

John Gilheany said...

...back for another Friday night fix!

The mind was beginning to boggle and finally warped by No.23 'The Clacton Candy Shop Monster' which just seemed to fascinate more than the others but only by a bit!

Looking at 70's animation on YouTube eg 'Crystal Tips and Alistar'- such cartoons seem so backward by todays standards but it's difficult to imagine Ken Reid-type pin-ups among the bright, contemporary graphics-orientated computery wares in the larger newsagents.

That's not to cry 'Humbug' at today's material which I've hardly looked at but it's still a shame that no obvious successor has emerged despite Ken Reid's influence.

Chris said...

Wahey! I drew number 30!

I remember sending it to Shiver and Shake, and I remember the excitement of seeing my first ever cartoon in print.

Ken was a genius.

Chris Whitehead

Peter Gray said...

You've moved..

Glad you can see it again..

I love Whitby went there on my honeymoon..I'm from Guildford Surrey..

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