Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Sparky 1971 Feb issue 316-319 twice

Sparky comic in 1971 Feburary 6th -Feburary 27th issue had the numbers 316-319 -

March 6th to March 27th also was numbered 316 up to 319

issue 324 followed on April 3rd 1971

Sparky made a mistake in numbering the comics in 1971 ...So to help collectors here are the covers with the same numbers.

The cover star of Barney Bulldog is drawn by Bill Richie...famous for his Baby Crockett in The Beezer.


Anonymous said...

How about scanning some "I Spy"? I haven't seen "I Spy" for years.

Peter Gray said...

I'll do some shortly..

At comicsuk forum I Spy is talked about and 1 image is up


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Peter!

Bruce Laing said...

I'll bookmark this post, as I'm going through the process of getting all the issues of Sparky in the new year

Bruce Laing said...

Not bad.

After a little over a year since I posted this, I now have all eight issues (thanks to alanultron5 at ComicsUK, of whom I have been buying his duplicate issues over the last month) :D :D :D