Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sparky adverts and Ma Kelly's Telly by Les Barton

I love this strip...I just love it when it break the forth wall in comics...more the better I say...a bit like a Tex Avery cartoon.

A lot of people say that a good writer can rescue a poor artist. I don't agree an artist can still ruin it. Comics are very visual and need to be very good. This strip is good in both ways. I would love to see this strip back in The Beano...Dandy...the numbskulls has got a bit tired...(little people inside a boys head) bring this back for a change!

Yet again why did Les Barton stop drawing for comics after only a few short years...retirement...ill job...the company didn't like his style...something else??? Anyone know!?


Anonymous said...

LES BARTON is still actively working as a cartoonist [he's now in his 80s]--he also did 'HARRY'S HAUNTED HOUSE' for IPC in the early 70s....he later diversified into GREETINGS CARDS, 'political'-style gags for the 'SPECTATOR',and he's a very good caricaturist [something I only discovered last year]----incredibly, he NEVER held onto his old published comics [I recieved correspondence from him last year]----ISPYSHHHGUY.

Peter Gray said...

I'll look out for the Harry's Haunted house one by Les...thanks for the info...I live in Guildford so maybe I'll bump into him..