Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sparky I-Spy

Les Barton who drew I-Spy 1969-1970
He then drew in Sparky Ma Kelly's Telly in 1971-72
Then this talented cartoonist stopped....Why?

He had a great dramatic style as can be seen from these pictures. What a shame it stopped. Anyone know what he did before Sparky and after?

copyright DC Thomson


Anonymous said...

WHAT can I say, PETER......this stuff is still great nearly 40 years later!I know ALL this stuff by's only fairly recently [in the past year or two] I've been able to re-visit it [through e-bay]......GLAD you seem to appreciate's full of vitality, as it always had.

Anonymous said...


Peter Gray said...

The scans you see are mostly the issues I have....don't have so many of those...has you said at comicsuk forum (under comic titles I-Spy) the later issues can be pricey on ebay

Anonymous said...

you may be lucky, however...E-BAY often comes up with a lot of surprises...LES BARTON also drew 'BILLY BUNTER' at one stage;---I don't remember this, so I assume it was pre-1969. He done stacks of pocket cartoons for magazines like 'REVEILLE' in the 60s/70s....he still draws 'live' at functions in S.E. England...YOUR neck of the woods, I believe!---ISPYSHHHGUY.