Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Steve Bright comic!!

Ken Harrison?
Might be the only page not by Steve? UPDATE it is by Steve see comment by Lew below.though Steve is good at ghosting other could be wrong..

When I saw this comic as a kid...I rememeber it well..this comic was different a continuous story throughout. I thought how nice all the artists got together to draw a page each with there own characters...later talking to Steve Bright he said he drew it it fooled me..

Steve also said he wasn't allowed to sign his work at that time But sneaked it in also the writers name..which I can't find as it is so small and hidden.

So this was really a Steve Bright comic..

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

My New Years Resolution is to do at least 10 posts a Month..

Working on a Children's book at the moment with my cartoons and keeping busy..


Lew Stringer said...

That was one of the best issues of that period Peter. The Hoot Squad looks like a Steve Bright job too. Close "ghost" of Ken Harrison as you say, but definitely looks like Steve's work. The lumberjack is, I believe, a caricature of Morris Heggie who was Hoot's editor (and one-time lumberjack).

Steve Bright said...

Hi, Peter.

Lew's absolutely right, as usual - I did indeed draw this page, along with all the others in this particular comic, which was one of the most enjoyable (and daunting) tasks of my time in comics. Lew's also correct about the lumberjack/Morris Heggie connection, although I think Morris might be a little put out at the suggestion that the drawing is a caricature of him. It wasn't intended to be, but if you look very closely, the inscription of 'HEGGIE & CO.' is written on the chainsaw's lower handle. The whole idea for the comic was Morris's brainchild, and he wrote it all. And yes, he also used to chop down trees during a six-year gap in his D.C. Thomson career.

Peter Gray said...

Well that is amazing..really thought it was by Ken..Lew was right..

You sure love drawing different you know I love your Davy Law style..

What are you up to these days Steve? Hope you everything is going well in your new ventures..