Friday, 18 December 2009

UPDATE-George Wakefield's comic work in Film Fun

All from 1938 Sept 24th Film Fun.

George sure drew a lot of characters for the comic. As a guess some may of been reprints..
After seeing Reg Parlett and Dudley D Watkins comic work you sure can notice the fact George didn't vary the characters much or the backgrounds. Still fun to look at.

The Laurel and Hardy one has one of the oldest jokes ever...
I hold the nail when I nod my head you hit it! says Hardy to Laurel....this gag must of been old even then..:))

A few more details for you Peter
Joe E (Evans) Brown (1892-1973) was a circus acrobat and semi-pro baseball player before he took to the vaudeville stage in the 1920's. His film career for the most part saw him appear as a wise-cracking basically nice guy 'working the angles' in many low-budget B movies. Ironically he is now best remembered for his role in 'Some Like it Hot', made well after his original film career had ended.
Brendan is mistaken in his reference to Frank Sinatra having played him in a biopic though. Brendan is confusing Joe E Brown with another comedian with a very similar name Joe E Lewis who Frank Sinatra played in the biopic 'The Joker is Wild' in 1957.
Wheeler and Woolsey were a comedy double act from the USA who were first placed together by Florenz Ziegfield in his 1929 revue Rio Rita. Bert Wheeler was the rather child-like half of the team while Robert Woolsey was the slick-haired, cigar-chewing 'boss' of the partnership. Sadly this partnership, which was very effective in the films they made in the period 1930-1937, was cut short by the illness which resulted in Robert Woolsey becoming bed-ridden in 1937 and remaining so until his death fourteen months later in Oct 1938.
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