Thursday, 31 December 2009

An early Golden comic in the golden age the 30's..

Well here is my take on Golden comic..recieved from ebay today...
I like the limited colour of gold yellow it sure suits the name..
Love the Header of the comic the Beano to do this one day...the header takes the shape of the readers meeting the editor Sam Smiles!! Maybe Euan Kerr should of changed his name for The Beano to Euan Merry..The Dandy's previous Editor Morris Heggie to Morris Happy..the thirties comics were certainly a smiley time fro comics..

The cover strip is half good and half wooden to falls between two stools..the handsome character Lt Daring has no expression or fun like Jolly Roger...I think Scooby Doo though good had this problem as well..the adult characters don't have has much personality unlike the cartooney Scooby..If the characters were drawn in a Flintstone style it would work even better.

Reg Perrott
This strip needs more pictures it would work even better as a two pager..

UPDATE artist name Fred Robinson thanks to Lew Stringer for info..

I liked this strip..wished the comic had more cartoon strips like this and the cover..I like the ending of the Monkey driver capturing the animal Bear..

Secretly Smugglers Castle by Arthur Mansbridge

Both good stories.

Love the well drawn Windmill in Little Brother some great shading.

Secretly Smugglers Castle is also good..though not so much expression..the mystrious Monk at the end is a nice cliffhanger..

The rest of the comic are text stories which are not for sure liked to read then..

Would I buy another Golden comic..the answer is needed more humour pages...Getting Tip-Top soon hopefully with more humour pages..

See Lews take on Golden comic here..Great minds think alike :))

If i got any artists wrong let me know..
Thanks to Lew for giving me the artists names from his blog post..
The Header of Golden comic changes at Christmas..shame the header doesn't change every week like other comics with Roy Wilson art on co0ver..

We are due another Golden age..lets hope the Tennies will be that:)
Happy New Year..amazing I've had nearly 40000 views from May 2009 that is great news..shows how comics are still important to people even today..
Also the blog is nearly two years old..nearly run out of space!! will have to move blog post topics to another blog I have...probably the Buster front covers..Jackpot..Krazy I'll move to make some space..will keep yuo posted..heres to 2010..


Lew Stringer said...

"Also the blog is nearly two years old..nearly run out of space!! will have to move blog post topics to another blog I have"

Hi Peter, I didn't know there was a space limit on these blogs. Could you let me know where to find this info as my blog's been running 4 years so I must be near the limit myself. :-(

Peter Gray said...

Add an image from your computer
this then takes you to the infomation on how much memory is used

Add another image
We accept jpg, gif, bmp and png images, 8 MB maximum size
Or add an image from the web
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Upload ImageYou are currently using 954MB (93%) of your 1024MB

near the upload image is the info Lew..I'm up to 93 percent

Lew Stringer said...

Many thanks for the tip Peter. However, on mine it tells me:
"You are currently using 425MB (41%) of your 1024MB" - so as I've been running my blog twice as long as yours, but still have over 50% left it looks like your images are taking up too much memory. Images at 72dpi and saved at 7 (medium) or 8 (high) in Photoshop works for me.

Jason Price said...

Hi. I'm doing some family research into my Grandfather, Reg Perrott, who illustrated this comic I've just found out from this link! If you have any information, knowledge, or are just a fan of Reg Perrott's work, I'd love to hear from you.

I have created a Facebook page for him and would appreciate any information people have, or just as a focus to discuss information about Reg.

If anyone reading this could please replicate to other comic fan sites, I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks

Jason Price

Reg Perrott's facebook fan page can be found at: