Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hooray for Harold Lloyd!! a pair of glasses and a smile..

Film Fun Sept 24th 1938.
UPDATE- George Wakefield

Harolds face is a bit frozen like a mask as the gag of walking through fire and water..

I love Harold's films especially the stunts also they still make me laugh out loud today. I watch the films from a recent dvd boxset from HMV with my best friend Richard. I highly recommend you try a Harold Lloyd film.


Chris said...

Is it the same guy who used to do the Laurel and Hardy strip? George Wakefield?

Love the blog by the way I've been reading it for years but never said thanks, how rude!

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Peter Gray said...

It does look like the same artist..

Nice that you like the blog..I'll keep going..

I'll put up Laurel and Hardy soon on the blog..