Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Buster's The Bully Buzzard by ....Reg Parlett

Buster and Cor!! 23rd November 1974.

Heres a new Reg Parlett comic page I've found!!
Its not listed on the Buster website and it says the artist is unknown.
Well it is obvious its by Reg.

As a guess this comic page is a reprint from a earlier comic and may have been called a different name...can anyone help me with the info..

You can see Snooper in one of the panels...you had to spot him hiding on one of the comic pages. A bit like Where's Wally in Big Comic of the 80's.

I love the panel of the Buzzard yelling rght through the bears ears..

More info on George Parlett can be found at the comicsuk forum..

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