Sunday, 6 December 2009

Nosey Parker should have won the contest!!!

Part of Buster comics big year in 1981 -21 years Birthday.
This was a contest to create a comic character.
The results were shown in Jan 1982.

I don't have the first one
(can anyone tell me the character's name..
or send a JPEG Scan to my email

Later on Steve Bright drew another Wonder baby...Prambo in the mid 80's.

I like Rob Lee's drawings very much.. Robert Nixon and Trevor Metcalfe had a fun slightly similar style as well.

Funny how the character Nosey Parker was used in Whizzer and chips by Barry Glennard
(draws Numbskulls in todays Beano)
Nosey Parker came out in 1982!!

So the runner up Feargal Weatherhead of Tullamore should have won the contest.

Unless the first contest winner in Jan 2nd 1982 Buster comic proves me wrong and that character was also used in a Fleetway comic.

It is interesting anyway..

Gramma corrected thanks to Linda Bodice.
Well I did get a D in English in GCSE..:(

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