Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nigel Parkinson a fun comic artist for today

This one made me laugh out is soo funny.

Here is the moment when the Dandy changed. Each week the man Nigel drew would take down a letter of The Dandy. A fun idea. The Dandy changed to a more glossy paper and new characters joined. Last year The Dandy has changed again to Dandy Extreem with more features and less comic pages. Personally I prefer The Dandy has a comic than a magazine/comic.

Click on all images to see in full..

I like Nigels work a lot. He has drawn Bea, Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, Cuddles and Dimples, Bash Street kids singled out, Lord Snooty the Third etc..also Rats and others for The Beezer annuals. He has drawn or ghosted in The Beano and Nutty in the 80's...for example some of Roger the Dodge Clinics problem section..normally drawn by Robert Nixon at that time.

Nigels big break was with Bea in the late 90's Beano Dennis the Menace baby sister.

I love his Cuddles and Dimples strip best in The Dandy...Started in the issue you see above..(before that drawn by Barrie Appleby who draws Roger the Dodger today) works for adults as well as the parents are also featured strongly. Also the Mum is hot!!:))

The colouring on all thses are unusual and stand out. Its beacuse they are coloured with felt pens..which give a great effect. Computer colouring is mostly used today...But pens seem to have a more personal touch..great shading effect. He is good at not going over the line.. I think I like the pen effect so much has it reminds me of The Mr Men by Roger gives the child the impression that he or she can do this as well.

Nigel is great at the crowd scene..the busy picture...he has done some great posters.

Nigel is also great at the splat!..splash!..Splosh!.splish! etc...I would say its his trademark.
His characters are always making a mess....splashing through puddles...landing in ponds...cakes going into peoples faces..mud sploshing up..great action scenes.

Another fun trademark is the many signs he puts everywhere throughout the strip..the more the merrier I say.

Cheers to Nigel.....I'm a fan!:)

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