Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dudley D Watkins Adventure books in picture form.

These exciting books are brilliantly drawn in picture form by Dudley D Watkins. It really makes you want to read the actual book. These were not only in the 50's Topper But also shown in the Weekly News also in published books. Love to see these reissued in the Weekly News or in book form again.

My craft fair is tomorrow at Woking sports centre all day. See you there...with lots of cartoon Birthday/Christmas cards drawn by me and the chance to commission me for any cartoon work needed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! these are great, I've been lucky to get a couple (all?) of the black n white 'told in picture' collections of Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe etc but never thought the originals were in colour! They look great even if faded and I've never seen the Rob Roy ones before which I don't think were collected in book format.

Fantastic stuff!

Colin Mathieson

Peter Gray said...

Glad to be of service...
I'll keep an eye out for more Dudley D Watkins work to put up on the blog..