Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Beano book 1960-69

Not my favourite it is too realistic. Almost spooky. The eye lashes etc..its very creepy.

Very simple drawn by Dudley D Watkins. Nice the use of the B used in both words. This looks like Biffo.

A nice swinging image. Again the character is reading the actual book.
Very 3D looking almost puppet like. A nice use of the lettering..holding the swing up.

Nice use of a heavy hadow on Jonah drawn by Ken Reid. I think it was coloured by someone else has Ken wasn't well in this period. The laces are almost dancing along with the jig. Again very hyper real. It really stands out. Even the Beano wording is sinking down with the ship. I like the hat reasing on the word Book.

Theres lots of great touches in this image. Like his vest stuck in the mast. The clothes jig along to the music..nice colourful notes..

Biffos nose looks very strange almost dog like...its almost as if he is wearing a mask. Nice use of the dumbbell as the letters 'oo' in Book.
Nice colour stripes for the background like a circus tent. Biffo is almost leaning on the strongmans head!!

Biffos face have a Mickey Mouse quality..I like the use of bluey grey on the ears and eyes and a light slit in the eyes..it is great seeing the early Bash Street kids in colour...theres the teddy boy Bash Street kid..and the almost normal Plug. Its a strange image of a picture within a picture..teacher reading the actual Beano book in a jigsaw. So many levels. The colours and drawing really have an old feeling to it.almost 30's feel its that green colour...love this image..

The teddy boy on the front cover of the beano book was called teddy fancy that! and he was with the bash street kids from 1/9/56 to 8/10/60

dandy mad
It was Korky artist James Crighton who drew the cover for the Beano book 1960 and his last.

Thanks dandymad from comicsuk forum for the info.

The back cover is very bizarre...the images are all mixed up...with a very realistic Dennis arm and hand highlighted in yellow. Dennis and Little Plum in skirts...or leave skirt...the character Dennis is mixed up with is a Black native character Pom Pom drawn by Gordon Bell in the book. The head of Pom Pom is on Little Plums legs and body...black and white mixed up. The cats head is from Kat and Kanary strip..the Kings body is Prince Whoopee...Minnies skirt is on Little Plum...

Comicsuk website has all the Beano annual covers to see..


Anonymous said...

my favourite all-time annual is the 1969 issue, PETER: I also have the 66-68 ones: the 1960 one looks the most typical of the 50s annuals [well. it would, wouldn't it!]


writegirl36 said...

I've just recently acquired via an estate sale the 1961 issue. I'll be offering it for resale, would you know where I could find its value (GOOD CONDITION) & where there might be a good website (ebay, etc) to list it?

Peter Gray said...

Type in ebay 1961 Beano Annual and see what prices they are giving. If none listed try 1960..1962..that will give you an idea of prices. It all depends on condition. Whether it has ripped pages...missing spine..drawn on...etc..
It could be worth for a fair copy £15-£20. If its good condition a lot more.
Look on ebay.