Saturday, 18 October 2008

An early Mickey the Monkey by Dudley D Watkins

a quote from Spy
WHAT A DIFFERENCE seeing the real Mc Coy like this: 'CLASSICS from the COMICS' does this work noreal justice.........many thanks for seeing these excellent historical works, PETER......
from Beano and Dandy forum..

I agree with Spy its great to see these images as large and in colour. With all the detail intact. Some of the red wording or anything red is lost in the black and white of Classics or Best of Topper.

Studying the picture.
Dudley is great at making the picture alive. So many angles like top or bottom point of view. Also characters going in and out of the frame..perspective. If I was drawing this I would of made it flat...left to right...But Dudley has inspired me with his depth he has in each frame...nothing is flat!!! Every frame is different another amazing thing. The wheels on the chair are different each time the same with the open book...different angles a real feeling of movement (frame 7,8,9). I love frame 10....Mickey coming towards us...figures in background. Frame 4,5,6 is great animation of someone swimming. Also the room slowly spins at the same time of the push off by Mickey.

So much in one page to study and learn.....also to laugh and admire.


Vic Neill said...

Congratulations on a superb blog. My Dad drew Mickey the Monkey in the early seventies and was a huge admirer of Dudley Watkins.

Peter Gray said...

Hi Vic..I like your Dads Mickey the monkey has well...some clever humour in that strip...if you want to write to my email and talk about your Dad I can do a post on him.
if you have any pencil drawings...other cartoon work he did in his career. Please scan and send to me.
I also like his Billy Whizz and Plug in Plug comic..also the super Mc Tickles:)

Love to know more about your Dad.
Thanks for getting in touch.
Peter Gray