Friday, 3 October 2008

Beano book 1970-75

The way the kids are drawn in different falling angles gives it a real 3D quality. Very hard to draw!

The shininess of the frying pan is great..

There seems to be a battle between Biffo and Dennis the Menace...same thing happened in the early Beano annuals between Big Eggo and Biffo...have a look for yourselves at annuals section under Beano. Enjoy zooming in!! Good shadows...especially on Biffos shoulders. Again makes it more alive..

My favourite Beano book cover. You can really see the paint colouring. Its fun seeing what eye colour they are. Fatty has blue eyes!
Billy Whizz is fun...his whizzing smoke sure saves the artist a lot of drawing loads of feet!!

You can really see the juice of this lolly...lovely idea..yummy!
Also great looking grass details. Like this one a lot!

It is nice to see these images large. A lot of websites on comic annuals show them very miss such a lot of detail that way.

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