Monday, 29 September 2008

Comicsuk Forum Interesting Posts..

Magic comic post-
See inside a Magic annual.

The Beano posts-
A post I've done on the wartime adverts in The Beano of the time.
Thanks to Phil-comics for images from ebay.
The Beano top 100...who has appeared the most in the 70 years of the comic.
Thanks to Kashgar. Who also does many of the other posts on here.
The Great flood of London post. Info on each story, drawn by David Sutherland.

The Dandy posts-
70 years of Desperate Dan
Albert Barnes Dandy editor
Our Gang by Dudley D Watkins
Dandy adventure stories
Danny Long legs by Dudley D Watkins
Korky the cat

Whizzer and Chips
Whizzer and Chip the first one.

No Buster Due To Industrial Action

I SPY--------- THE FIRST EPIC SERIAL by my internet friend Spy:)

The Beezer
The Beezer 1973
Iron Eater info
The Jellymen favourite post on comicuk forum.

Nipper artists

Monster Fun
Badtime Bedtime Books

Jag info

Comic artists posts
Norman Mansbridge (Fuss Pot) Punch comic work
Dudley Watkin's - Endings and new beginnings.
Charlie Grigg -Desperate Dan and saucy postcards:)
Leo Baxendale's Boys World thanks to Philcom55
More on Leo Baxendale- Cavekids..etc..working out which ones Leo drew...
Ron Smith picture strips list from Kashgar.
TOM WILLIAMS- Creature Teacher..Tiny Tycoon
Bill Ritchie thanks to Philcom55 for som great images..

Other comic topics-
Racism in comics
The artists pen.....when comic artists include themselves in there drawing.
Bunty story "The Flights of Flopear" and other unusual girl comic stories to see.
Wonderfully weird!!
Printing of The Beano

more to come...

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