Friday, 12 September 2008

Cartoon time

does this gag work.sat on this for a long I've drawn and coloured it up...feed back would be useful.

Great Phil that you can pop down to see me at the Woking craft fair. Its the building in the park next to the sports centre on the right. I'm a bit nervous. But once I relax I'll be cracking jokes and begging people to buy in know time..does this sells tactic work:)


Matthew said...

The giraffes made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

yes, the 'bed of nails' gag works, PETER: best to try out original ideas; it's the only way to learn. Hope you have a successful day......SPY.

blackpuddingbertha said...

I think the nail gag's good but you may want to think about recolouring the balloon (maybe red or blue) - first glance I thought it was a potato!

Other than that - good stuff and what a great blog you have!

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the comment blackpuddingbertha..

Glad I drew up the nail one then..