Tuesday, 16 September 2008

When a cartoon doesn't work...fix it!!

These two jokes I showed to lots of people.......many of them didn't get the joke!! Some did after a long time. So now I've had another go at trying to make the joke work more quickly and clearer.

A lot of people didn't realise that it was a empty Tomato plant walking back to the greenhouse. Also that he threw tomatoes at a terrible play. So I've added two remaining tomatoes to the plant...also a loose one on the grass to indicate they came off him. Hopefully the joke is now clearer.

For this one I was trying to show how there act for the talent scout was too easy, its just cans piled up. Just by adding the word Acrobats to his desk...showing what talent he is looking at will again make the joke work.

If you see people struggling with one of your cartoons...change it...make it clearer.

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Anonymous said...

You're quite right about actually LABELLING stuff in cartoons just to add clarity, PETER: look how many times TEX AVERY labelled stuff to great effect.

You definately have the cartoonist's view on life, with a new 'spin' on familiar subjects.