Monday, 3 November 2008

Super School drawn by Lew Stringer...heres my version

A great new character in The Beano by Lew inspired me to do a story myself using these fun characters.

click on image to see in whole-

Here is the idea I thought up in the this stage its the wording that is most important to get many panels...have I used each character..what would each character do...

I'm cheekly doing a bonfire scene...sparklers...though avoiding fireworks those I will add some going off in the night sky. Also making it more of a party with food (hot dogs) and drink (coke).

Robert Nixon drew each Beano story in his own style making a whole Beano comic to get the job at DC Thomson when he first started out.

So theres my idea...

I'm now copying Lews drawings of each chaacter to get a feel for it...what does there clothes look like...what they look like from each angle..expressions..etc..

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