Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Super School heres my version part 2

The wording is a bit faded..
First panel -Teacher says
That wood is damp it will never light!

The last panel says-
Now to change cat..erm back!

Click on images to see in whole. At this stage I'm working out which characters I want in each frame...the wording...layout..what I basically want in the finished page. So from a rough idea to a more clearer idea on paper.
Next is to draw again in pencil and pen in what will be my final stage...with colour afterwards.

I really recommend copying. Though tracing is alright for somethings its better to just draw it. You can learn a lot from different comic artists this way. Some of it you might want to use in your own style.

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Anonymous said...

I always find that drawing ROUGH sketches is where real creativity lies, and where the real drawing is done, PETER....other things like inking can be polished over time. I only ever trace myself in cases where I have to repeat identical backgrounds in successive frames: it's more quicker and accurate to simply retrace the same backgrounds......I keepmeaning to get a portable lightbox, but a glass table with light underneath is just as good.